You Won’t Believe What Hillary Clinton Just Did Yesterday…

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Ever since she lost the presidential election, Hillary Clinton has been making the most of her popularity among liberals by spending her time hanging out with celebrities and going to see Broadway shows. On Wednesday night, she did this once again when she attended the Broadway show “Sunset Boulevard” and posed with the show’s star Glenn Close backstage.

Daily Mail reported that Clinton was given a standing ovation when she was spotted in the New York City theater.

She was later photographed backstage with six-time Academy Award nominee Glenn Close, who played the lead role of Norma Desmond in the show.

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Clinton reportedly arrived at the theater with a new haircut three minutes before curtain, but she was immediately spotted walking in, prompting the standing ovation. When the crowd died down and the lights went off, someone shouted “we love you, Hillary!” which prompted the nonsense to begin all over again.

These liberals can scream about Clinton all they want too, but it won’t change the fact that she LOST to Donald Trump! SHARE this story if you are GLAD Hillary Clinton is NOT OUR PRESIDENT!