Wow! Reba McEntire Is Blackballed From Hollywood For Saying This About Trump


Hollywood liberal celebs love being the center of attention. Their inflated egos means that they think their views are more important than everyone else’s.

Some celebrities actually show some respect for our president.

The hosts on the View were shocked when country singer Reba McEntire was interviewed. Joy Behar asked her thoughts regarding rapper Drake going on a rant about Trump, during a concert.

“If you ever went on a political rant in the middle of your act, what would happen?” Behar asked.

“My fans would be shocked,” Reba continued. “I take it this way: they have paid their hard-earned money to come in there and fill a seat—parking, getting something at the concession stand, go and eat before the concert. I am there to entertain them—to take their worries away from them—so when they walk out, they can kind of have a little lift in their step and go, ‘Aw, that was such a great break from all the problems I have to deal with during daily life.’ So I’m not going to give them my political views.”

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