WHOAA!!! THIS JUST HAPPENED — Hillary Tweets About Trump Travel Ban – GETS EPIC BEATDOWN! OUCH!!!


Hillary thought she was being clever and funny when she took to Twitter to rub in the decision by the loony 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to block Trump’s travel ban.

“3 – 0” was all she Tweeted, referring the 3 to nothing unanimous decision to uphold the stay on the travel ban.

It didn’t take Trump’s Top Advisor and Campaign Manager during the Presidential race Kellyanne Conway long to put Hillary in her place with an EPIC response.

In her Twitter response to Hillary, Kellyanne came up with three of her own:

Whoa!! Hypocrite Dan Rather Trashes Trump, Gets Epic Beatdown... These are Funny!

“PA, WI, MI”

Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan… referring to the three swing states that Trump carried to win the Presidency!

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