US and German Diplomats Calling For Greece To Leave Eurozone or Euro

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Ever since Donald Trmpu was put in place as president, his administration have largely disagreed with their German counterparts. One thing is bringing them together, the topic of Greece’s financial crisis.

The President’s ambassador for Greece has said that he seems them cutting off ties with Germany related to their austerity talks and that they likely will default on their sovereign debt, leave the e euro and go back to using the drachma.

Amid a more prolonged economic doldrums than The Great Depression, Greece is heading towards its 4th bailout/deal with creditors. Adding to Grexit fears (voiced by many in and out of Greece), Ted Malloch, President Trump’s proposed US ambassador to the EU, casts doubt on survival of eurozone and says Athens should return to drachma. – Zerohedge

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Germans are apparently already preparing for what some are calling Grexit.

Greece should leave the eurozone and then be given debt relief, the head of Germany’s pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) told a German radio station on Thursday. Greece should, however, remain in the EU, FDP leader Christian Lindner told Deutschlandfunk, so it can get subsidies to put into infrastructure or help small- and medium-sized businesses. “It’s clear that Greece needs to have its debts written off,” Lindner said. “Greece’s debts can only be written off outside of the eurozone, so we’re talking about Grexit.” – Russia Today

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