The nation is still reeling from Wednesday’s mass shooting that saw a deranged Trump-hating gunman open fire on a group of GOP congressmen, seriously injuring Rep. Steve Scalise. Many have attributed this shooting to the vilification of Donald Trump and his supporters that has been carried out in various ways by the mainstream media.

On Friday night, some conservative protesters decided to do something about this when they tried to shut down a New York City play that depicted the assassination of a character bearing a strong resemblance to Trump.

Protesters attempted to shut down the Friday night performance of Trump-assassination play, Julius Caesar, in New York’s Central Park as one man shouted from the audience that ‘the blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands’.

‘Right-wing’ journalist and activist, Laura Loomer, stormed the stage shouting that the controversial play was ‘unacceptable’.

‘Stop the normalization of political violence against the right! This is unacceptable. You cannot promote this type of violence against Donald Trump!’

‘This is violence against the right. This is violence against Donald Trump,’ Loomer yelled as many people in the audience started to boo her off the stage.

Show officials made an announcement that the play would pause for a few moments until the protester was removed from the stage. 

‘Shame on all of you!’ the woman continued to yell as she was escorted off the stage. 

A woman told Loomer to ‘read the play and get educated’ as Loomer continued to rant that ‘CNN is ISIS, Kathy Griffin is ISIS and the New York Public Theater is ISIS’. 

Loomer, who is a reporter for Rebel, was arrested shortly after interrupting the play. 

After her arrest, Rebel called on their supporters to help with her ‘defense fund’.

Loomer’s opposition to the play was echoed by another man, Jack Posobiec, who stood up as Loomer was removed and screamed: ‘You are all Goebbels. You are all Nazis like Joseph Goebbels…you are inciting terrorists. 

‘The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands!’ he yelled. 

Posobiec was referring to the Wednesday morning baseball practice session in which James T Hodgkinson, 66, opened fire on a group of Republicans and their staffers.

Hodgkinson gunned down five people, including, Scalise, who as of Friday evening remained in critical condition. 

Posobiec was also removed by security and booed by the crowd. The show carried on after the pair were removed. 

The New York Public Theater’s controversial production of Julius Caesar shows a Donald Trump lookalike being stabbed to death.  

It’s part of the annual Shakespeare in the Park series and the depiction of Trump has drawn much criticism. 

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