A Muslim woman recently refused to adhere to her company’s dress code by removing her hijab, so she was promptly fired. Afterwards, she tried to argue that she was fired due to Islamophobia, but her former boss immediately silenced her with six words.

Mad World News reported that Amino Rashid, 24, and two of her fellow Muslim colleagues claimed they were all fired from Husky Energy because of their religious beliefs. They said they were fired days after a coworker remove their hijabs.

“He shouted from the other side of the room ‘Hey you,'” said Rashid. “My hijab he referred to it as a hoodie. He said that if he doesn’t get to wear a hoodie then I’m not allowed to wear it either. And I told him it’s not a hoodie, it’s a religious head scarf.”

The manager informed the women that in order to adhere to the company’s dress code, they must remove their hijabs. They were then fired when they refused to cooperate.

Enraged, Rashid confronted her boss and demanded she be reconsidered for the position, something company policy dictates that she be allowed. The manager fired back by saying that Rashid would have been reconsidered, but “because of how you’re acting now” she forfeited any chance that she had.


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