Melania Trump Just OUTCLASSED Michelle Obama In Front Of Entire Nation

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Melania Trump has only been First Lady for a few weeks, but she is already putting her predecessor Michelle Obama to shame in a big way.

During her time as First Lady, one of Michelle’s favorite projects was the vegetable garden she put at the White House. Before her husband left power, Michelle expressed hopes that the next First Lady would continue expanding the White House vegetable garden and would make it even bigger.

This week, Melania made a decision as to what to do with the garden.

As a mother and as the First Lady of this country, Mrs. Trump is committed to the preservation and continuation of the White House Gardens, specifically the First Lady’s Kitchen Garden and the Rose Garden,” said Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, senior adviser to the first lady, according to Mad World News.

This undoubtedly came as great news to Michelle, and you would think she would put politics aside to thank Melania in a statement praising her for this classy move. However, you would be wrong, as Michelle has not said anything at all about Melania’s decision about the garden.

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A classy First Lady such as Jackie Kennedy or Laura Bush would have released a gracious statement thanking their successor. Melania could have easily destroyed the garden with very little effort, so Michelle should be thankful that she’s decided to keep her pet project going.

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