Major Development About Trump Impeachment


Bookies from various betting websites are saying that the odds are against Donald Trump making it through his first term, adding that he will likely be impeached or quit.

“We’re currently offering 4-to-1 for Trump to be impeached in his first six months,” said Lewis Davey, a spokesman for Paddy Power, according to Daily Mail. “With such little political experience and a rocky start in the White House, it’s understandable people have their doubts on Trump.”

This came after Trump cost Paddy Power nearly $5 million when he beat Hillary Clinton, since his win was so unexpected. However, his presidency has been good for betting sites Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and Bovada, as they have seen a dramatic increase in politically-themed bets.

“From a betting perspective, Donald Trump’s presidency has triggered a massive boom for these kinds of markets,” said Ladbrokes’ spokesman Alex Donohue. “With Donald Trump, everything he does, it can be turned into speculation, and that can be turned into gambling.”

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Gamblers can now place bets on when they think Trump will be impeached or when he will resign, and oddsmakers think he’ll be out of office sooner rather than later. A 2017 bet for when Trump will be out of the White House has odds of 4-to-1 on Paddy Power while a 2020 bet on the site has 20-to-1.

British betting site Ladbrokes rates Trump’s chances of resigning or being impeached in his first term at 11-to-10, meaning gamblers can barely make any money on this bet.

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