Kid Rock Just Sent Elizabeth Warren Into All Out Panic Mode

Senator Elizabeth Warren has a new controversy to freak out about – Kid Rock is running for Senate. She is now actively warning her liberal colleagues not to joke about rocker Kid Rock’s announcement on Thursday that he intends to run for the U.S. Senate in his home state of Michigan in 2018.

As reported by the Boston Herald, Warren compared Kid Rock’s announcement to Donald Trump’s in June 2015. She wrote a frantic email to supporters:

“I know a lot of people are thinking: this is some sort of joke, right? Well, maybe this is all a joke — but we all thought Donald Trump was joking when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his campaign, too.

And sure, maybe this is just a marketing gimmick for a new album or tour — but we all thought Donald Trump was just promoting his reality TV show, too.”

Elizabeth Warren definitely sounds more than a little nervous. She has every reason to be as well! Americans are no longer putting up with political b.s. as we did in the past. Trust, that after 8 full years of Obama havoc, we will never put up with Swampy Politics again!

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