BREAKING: A horrific event has shaken the globe. At least seven people were killed and 59 were injured on Thursday when a bomb exploded at the entrance to a Kindergarten in eastern China.

Fox News reported that the explosion occurred at around 4:50pm at a school in Fengxian, located in Jiangsu province. Though it is unclear how many children were among the victims, disturbing photos and videos show both children and adults lying on the ground covered in blood.

“About 5pm, we heard a blast and thought it might have been a gas explosion at a nearby food vendor,” a local shop owner said. “Many people could be dead.”

Attacks on Kindergartens have become increasingly common in China as revenge attacks carried out by people bearing grudges against their neighbors and society. Most of these attacks are done using homemade explosives.

The Xuzhou government said it was still investigating the cause of the explosion. We will update you further as this story develops.