Former Vice President Joe Biden has a long history of being caught doing creepy things. However, this one might just take the cake.

It’s terrifying that this man was a heartbeat away from the presidency for EIGHT YEARS!

Former Vice President Joe Biden might have come across as a jovial “Uncle Joe” to Democrats bedazzled by every aspect of Barack Obama’s presidency, but to an American public watching the Obama White House for eight years without the partisan blinders on, the guy just came across a few too many times as someone you wouldn’t want alone with your daughters for too long.

Now, more than four months out of office, Biden’s showing he hasn’t changed a bit.

An Instagram posting making the rounds this week shows the former United States senator – who used to be one heartbeat away from the Oval Office – getting a little too … intimate while congratulating a Morgan State University graduate at the school’s commencement ceremony in May.

papajoe 😻#morganstatealum ’17

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The young woman, identified as Brieana Carter, doesn’t seem to mind one bit, but a casual observer couldn’t help feeling just a little creeped out.

That’s because Biden’s got a documented history of this kind of behavior. And the politician who has bragged endlessly about his role in drafting the Violence Against Women Act back in the 1990s has gotten a reputation in recent years for having his own eyebrow-raising contacts with women.

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