Has America Been Paying Tribute To Islam?


In the past if a government had a problem with a certain segment of the population; they would ensure that they would not be tolerated by taking harsh steps against them. In recent times we have been bowing down to these groups, giving them money to stop.

This is what happened with many Islamic organizations in America, there are being paid to not follow out certain doctrines in their religion to try and combat against radical Islam terror attacks.

The U.S. has used ‘tribute diplomacy’ of some sort for years, only it’s been under the guise of foreign aid to countries that solidified uneasy alliances as long as the cash spigots were flowing.  But the fact that Washington is also using taxpayer money to appease a religion in the hopes they will not follow their own Book and  spawn new home grow fundamentalist jihadists, shows that the farce that is the ‘War on Terror’ is nothing more than a failed attempt by the U.S. to deal with a problem of their own making.

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What are your thoughts on this?