CHILLING: If 50 Million Muslims are Willing To DO THIS… It’s Already TOO LATE!


CHILLING: If 50 Million Muslims are Willing to DO THIS, It’s Already TOO LATE!

The Daily Mail is reporting that, on Monday, a Dutch expert on immigration gave a dire warning to the European Union. He strongly recommended that Europe not let in any Muslim refugees who couldn’t be positively identified.

The problem according to Professor Ruud Koopmans is that of the billion Muslims in the world, 50% are associated with very conservative form of Islam, which holds truly “medieval beliefs” about women, gays, and non-Muslims.

The most chilling part of his warning, however, are his findings that at least 50 million Muslims would support those who carry out terror attacks in the name of Islam!! What’s worse, he believes that the 50 million number is conservative and the actual number of Muslims willing to condone violence is actually MUCH higher!

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With all the turmoil going on in Europe, why do activist judges here in the United States insist that we blindly accept refugees who we know nothing about!

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