Child Molester and Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Nearly Killed in Prison!


Jared Fogle is behind bars after getting convicted as a child molester. Our kids are protected from him for now. He has now nearly gotten beaten to death as a result and he got off lightly!

According to members of Fogle’s family, he’s “lucky to be alive,” as the brutal beatdown was meant to send a message to the convicted child molester.

For their part, Niggs’ family says he doesn’t take kindly to sex offenders.

Biggs’ brother told the media:

“He’s sending a message (to pedophiles) is what he’s doing. A guy walks in with all this money and celebrity and instead of flying under the radar, he’s going into the yard, walking around with big guys, saying no one can mess with me, flashing his money around.”

Wow! Californian Illegals Problem So Out of Hand That the President of their Senate even has relatives who are illegal!

According to Newsiosity, one media source even reported that Niggs had told his brother, “I’m doing it for the families. I couldn’t help it.”

Fogle is going to be in prison until at least 2029 after he took a plea deal sentence of 16 years for having sex with minors and possessing child porn.

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