Chelsea Clinton Just Got Some AWFUL News…


Chelsea Clinton got some bad news this week when it was revealed her husband Marc Mezvinsky has reportedly closed his hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners.

Conservative Tribune reported that the hedge fund was quietly shut down back in December, right after Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump. Eaglevale Partners is currently still in the process of returning money to investors.

Mezvinsky launched Eaglevale Partners in 2011 with the assistance of Goldman Sachs CEO and longtime Clinton supporter Lloyd Blankfein, but it went downhill almost immediately, as rumors spread that Mezvinsky was not very good at his job. This was confirmed in May, when he had to close a special Greece-focused investment fund that had lost almost 90 percent of its value in just two years.

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Being bad with money seems to run in the Mezvinsky family, as the father of Chelsea’s husband served five years in prison for swindling friends and family out of millions of dollars.

It is likely that Eaglevale closed largely due to political reasons. The fact that Hillary lost the election means she won’t be receiving any more favors from highly placed officials both in the U.S. and abroad, leaving the hedge fund completely on it’s own.

This means that both Mezvinsky and Chelsea are now out of the job and are living off her wealthy parents, depending on them for survival. SHARE this story if you think they have gotten what they deserved!