BOOM!!! Patton Oswalt JUST GOT OWNED on Twitter! What He Said Will MAKE YOU SICK TO YOUR STOMACH…


After you read this, you’ll never watch anything with Patton Oswalt in it again!

This came to everyone’s attention when Jenna Jameson re-Tweeted one of Oswalt’s Tweets from a few days ago…

Jameson didn’t hold back in her Tweet, writing:

“This is beyond disgusting… no I’m not talking about this cockroach @pattonoswalt ‘s smug face, just his total lack of respect for life”

What was she referring to? Well, apparently Oswalt is friends with Islamic “activist” Iyad el-Baghdadi on Twitter and saw his Tweet that had a picture of one of Trump’s hotels with the description,

You Won’t Believe Who Drudge Just Went After in These SCATHING Tweets!

“Trump has properties all over the world. Terrorists will have a long list of targets that are literally owned by POTUS and bear his name.”

Feeling that was too good a sentiment to pass up – the destruction of hotels holding thousands of innocent people – Oswalt re-Tweeted el-Baghdadi and added the description,

“Holy f#*k! Come ‘n’ get it, terrorists!”

The only thing anyone should come and get is Patton Oswalt for being an idiot!

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