BOOM! Nancy Pelosi Receives DEVASTATING News AFter Trashing Trump…

Image #: 33244441    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) speaks during a press conference after the House Democrats voted for their leadership on Capitol Hill in Washington November 18, 2014. Democrats in the House of Representatives on Tuesday re-elected Nancy Pelosi of California as the leader of their caucus despite a major election defeat two weeks ago that strengthened Republicans' majority in the chamber.     REUTERS/Joshua Roberts    (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS)       REUTERS /JOSHUA ROBERTS /LANDOV

Somebody needs to explain how Twitter works to Nancy Pelosi. When Nancy Pelosi went up to speak about Michael Flynn resigning, she read a tweet from the former National Security Advisor. Only problem, he didn’t tweet it. It was from a parody account.

The below tweet is what set off a firestorm of confusion. Well at least for the democrats.

While someone is explaining Twitter to Pelosi, someone also needs to drop by Representative Eli Cummings’ office and give him a tutorial because he did the same thing.

To most people online, a parody account is pretty easy to spot, lucky for us Pelosi and Cummings aren’t most people. Liberals may make for better comedians than they do politicians.

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