BOOM: A Familiar Face Is Coming Back to the White House Under Trump

When Barack Hussein Obama first entered the White House eight long years ago, he disrespected the United Kingdom, one of our closest allies, by removing a bust of legendary Prime Minister Winston Churchill from the Oval Office. Now, it’s been revealed that President-Elect Donald Trump is planning to write this wrong as soon as he enters the White House.

January 20 really can’t come soon enough!

Maybe nothing is more symbolic of Barack Obama’s presidency than his removal of Winston Churchill’s bust from the Oval Office.

President-Elect Donald Trump has declared repeatedly that he intends to dismantle the Obama legacy and agenda piece by piece, so a good starting place might be restoring the bust of Sir Winston Churchill to its rightful place in the White House.

Trump has repeatedly said that he admires Britain’s wartime leader. When he was asked recently if he does, in fact, intend to return the bust to the Oval Office, he replied: “I am, indeed I am.”

Obama replaced the bust of Churchill with one of Martin Luther King when he entered the Oval Office in 2009, causing outrage on both sides of the pond.

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Boris Johnson controversially wrote earlier this year, while he was Mayor of London, that Mr Obama’s decision to send the bust back to the British embassy in Washington had been a “snub to Britain.”

Johnson, now Foreign Secretary, said it might be linked to Obama’s “ancestral dislike of the British Empire.”

Obama later explained that he had a second sculpture of Churchill in his private quarters, but that didn’t stop the controversy.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair originally gave the Churchill bust to George W Bush while both were leaders.

Trump initially outlined his plans to return it back in November, in a move that was welcomed by his close ally British politician and Brexit supporter Nigel Farage, but confirmed his intentions again this week.

Farage said that Trump, an Anglophile, was “excited” by the idea and was “very positive” about returning the bust to the Oval Office.

Trump has called for Britain to install Farage as ambassador to the US.

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