Black Thugs Get What They Deserve When They Mug Texas Deputy and His Wife Lights Them Up!!

There was an attack on an off duty Montgomery country Texas deputy at a gas station recently. The victim and his wife were buying gas and ice for a hunting trip when two black men attacked the deputy.

“Once the victim leaves the store, the suspect vehicle circles around and pulls up on the side street, where you can see them both exit the vehicle and assault the subject as he’s putting ice in the bed of the truck,” said Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Lt. John Schmitt.

They kicked him in the head, leading to missing teeth and a broken jaw. His wife heard the scuffle from the vehicle and opening fire on the thugs. Several rounds were fired as they ran towards their car. The husband got to his feet and also fire at them.

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They fled the scene in a 2000 Chevy pickup truck and it is unknown whether they were hit.

What are your thoughts on this?