Barack And Michelle Obama Make SICK Announcement Days After Returning To DC

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Last Thursday, Barack and Michelle Obama returned to Washington D.C. from a lavish, 10-day vacation to the British Virgin Islands. Now, they’ve made an announcement that has millions of American patriots feeling sickened.

The Irish Times reported that the Obamas are set to receive the freedom of the city of Dublin, Ireland award after the city councillors voted on Monday night.

This came after Labour Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr proposed former President Obama for the award, citing his Irish roots and his vocal support of the peace process in Northern Ireland. He also argued that Obama should be given the award because he is a symbol for minorities all over the world.

Carr went on to slam Donald Trump, saying that because of the current U.S. leader, Obama’s presidency will be remembered as a “stabilising and moderating” influence when it comes to U.S. foreign policy.

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“A similar era, unfortunately, will not be experienced again for some time,” Carr said. “I am not proposing that we canonise the Obamas, or declare Barack Obama’s presidency a success. But I do believe that Dublin City Council should seek to recognise their achievements and their vision for a better, fairer world.”

He argued that both Michelle and Barack Obama should be given the award because they  “succeeded in being a voice of stability and reason” in a world where these characteristics are rarely displayed

“Honouring them with the highest award we can grant – the freedom of Dublin city – would reflect our shared commitment to a vision of a more tolerant world,” Carr said.

Frankly, we find it sickening that the Obamas are being considered for any type of award. SHARE this story if you think the Obamas should NOT be rewarded for their behavior!