Arab Countries Condemn Israel for Closing Temple Mount — Leave Out THIS Little Detail…

Arab countries are piling on Israel for temporarily closing down the Temple Mount on Friday.

From Breitbart:

The statement from Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit complained that the Jewish state’s “banning Palestinians from praying” will only work to “inflame extremism and escalate tension” in the Middle East.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which consists of 57 member states and calls itself the “collective voice of the Muslim world,” also slammed Israel for closing the Mount, claiming the move amounted to “a serious crime and a dangerous precedent.”

The Jordanian government, which administers to the mosques on the Mount, issued a statement reading, “The Jordanian government opposes any harm against Muslims in carrying out their religious worship in their holy places, freely and with no obstacles.”

The only thing missing from these grandstanding statements is any acknowledgment of the reason for Israel’s actions: (Also from Breitbart)

Two Israeli Border Police Officers were murdered and a third was wounded on Friday when three Palestinian terrorists opened fire at security forces near an entrance to the Temple Mount at the Lions Gate and then fled into the Mount complex. The Palestinian assailants, reportedly carrying two rifles and a pistol, were pursued by Israeli forces and were shot and killed as they tried to escape toward the mosques on the Mount.

One unnamed Israeli official responded to the Jordanian statement, telling Israeli TV that “instead of condemning the attack, Jordan chose to attack Israel, which is protecting worshipers and maintaining freedom of worship in the place.”

Jordan is a controlling force over the Waqf, the Mount’s Islamic custodians. Jordan’s statement further did not mention that three Waqf officials were reportedly detained in an Israeli police raid on Friday under suspicion that they aided the terrorist attack.