Al Sharpton Makes HORRIFYING Threat To Trump Admin.

Shameless race-baiter Reverend Al Sharpton made a truly sickening threat this week when he promised a “season of civil disobedience” in response to Donald Trump nominating Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) as his attorney general.

PJ Media reported that Sharpton said that race-baiting activists are planning a march on Washington on January 14 during the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend to protest Sessions’ nomination. Sharpton pointed out that he spent 90 days in jail for protesting on U.S. Navy land against military exercises on the island of Vieques in 2001, adding that civil disobedience is typically effective because it changes policy.

“We’re not just doing this to be doing it. We do it because it can lead to change and, believe me, there will be a season of civil disobedience particularly around the Sessions nomination,” Sharpton said during a conference call on Friday with other civil rights leaders like Cornell William Brooks, president and CEO of the NAACP, and Janet Murguia, president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza.

In preparing for the march, Sharpton explained that activists are planning to visit senators’ offices and make some house calls to “make them understand” they will be held accountable for voting in favor of Sessions, whose confirmation hearings are set to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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“Make them understand that if they think they are voting based on some courtesy of a Senate colleague and will not face a real backlash in their own states, then they have another thing coming. This is not going to be some regular ceremonial procedure that they’re going to be able to bluff their way through,” Sharpton said. “We intend to make this a critical stand in terms of where people are with civil rights and voting rights in this country. No one will be given a pass to say ‘I had to vote for my colleague.’ This is an affront to everything the civil rights and voting rights community has stood for historically and a vote for Sessions should be held accountable and punishable by the voters.”

Sharpton can protest as much as he wants to, but it won’t change the fact that Donald Trump IS our leader for the next four years! SHARE this story if you think Al Sharpton and his race-baiting friends need to SHUT UP and ACCEPT that Trump IS our new president!